Monday, April 20, 2009


Resources on Recycling

Just One Thing
Recycled Home Video
Recycling in the Bag Video
Trash Video

Impact Your World

Resources to Use for Creating a Ripple

Impact Your World Animals & Environment
Fund Clean Water Video
How to Help Save the World Video
What can we do?

Alternative Energy

Resources on Nuclear, Wind, Solar Power

Nuclear Waste Debate Interactive
Solar Panels, Water Powered Elevators, Etc. Video
Saving Money with Smart Energy Video
Future of US Energy Video
Running on Sunshine Video
Nuclear Power
Solar Power Video
Planet Carbon Video
Wind Farms in the Midwest
Wind energy Video
NYC Hydro Power

Global Warming

Resources on Global Warming

Effects on Birds
Droughts Video
Ice Sheets Melting Video
Fake Trees??
Worst warming is avoidable?
Vital Signs of a Warming World
Effect on Animals Video
Global Warming Report Video
Grim Impact of Global Warming Vid
Glaciers Rapidly Melting Video

Bottled Water

Is bottled water harmful for the environment?

Ditching Bottled Water
Bottle Water a Waste?
Bottled Water Video
Bottled Water Confidential


Resources on Automobiles, Trains, Fuel, Pollution, and Solutions

Prius for Delivery
High Speed Rail Video
Obama Calls for High Speed Rail
Trucks that Run on Manure
Car Footprint Video


Resources on Air, Water, Land Pollution

America's 10 Worst Rivers
Fish Eye View Video of Polluted Water Ways
Greenhouse Gas Video
Greenhouse Gas Effect on Health Video
Fresh Water Crisis Video
Greenhouse Gases Health Hazard Article
Less Pollution Equals Longer Life
Saving the Rainforest with Chocolate
Why would you destroy the Ocean?


Resources on Poaching, Habitat, and Endangered Species

Black Market
Dark Side of Wildlife Trade
Pictures of Africa's Exotic Meat Trade
Polar Bears
Overfishing Video
Sick Sea Turtles
1 in 4 Mammals at Risk
Endangered Turtles to Save Their Future
Overpopulation in the Marsh

Friday, April 17, 2009

Environment Videos

Take a break from the TV! Use your time to become more aware of the problems facing Earth. After all it is you and your children who will really feel the effects of our environmental problems.

Preserve Our Planet Videos - Wonderful series done for National Geographic

Want to Go Green?

These are sites that offer tips on how you can be more GREEN :)

CNN Tips for Green
Make Every Day Earth Day

How Green are you quiz?

Save money by going Green

Energy IQ

Test Your Energy IQ

How much do you use?

What is your consumption in relation to the average?

When you eat an egg, your just not eating an egg - Awesome Interactive Activity on what you use.

Are you eco?

The Harm of Plastic Bags

Thank you Price Chopper for providing each of our students with a eco friendly cloth shopping bag!!

Plastic Bag Presentation

Battle of the Bags Interactive Activity

Environment in the News

Want the most up-to-date info on the environment? Take a look at these top news sites and the pages they have dedicated to our environmental crisis.

ABC Environment Site

CNN Environment Site

MSNBC Environment Site

New York Times Environment Site

NPR - National Public Radio Environment Site

Google vs. Blackle

Want to save energy? Try using Blackle instead of Google.

Read this Article on Blackle to see how much of a difference this change can have.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Environment Crossword

Try to Complete These Crossword Puzzles

Easy Crossword on Environment
Ozone Depletion Crossword
UV Radiation Crossword
Waste Crossword

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint - Determine Your Carbon Footprint

Where does all our trash go? - Super Informative Article on what happens to our trash.

Whats your footprint video?

How to shrink your footprint

Going Carbon Negative Video